Tips for Adults Considering Braces

Posted by Robin Albright on February 9, 2014

I once thought that braces were for teens who want the perfect smile and bite. While I was on the frontline ridiculing fellow students at high school for their braces, I didn’t think that I would be a potential candidate for braces in my adult life. A motorcycle accident changed everything. Racing was my thing. All that adrenaline at the racetrack I had transferred to the highway. The accident was so bad I had to undergo surgery and realignment of my teeth. As an adult, I didn’t think that a visit to the orthodontist was necessary but the looks my wife gave when I smiled were enough to send me there.

As an adult who has had braces, I can confidently say that braces are no longer designed for teenagers only. Although adult’s facial bones aren’t growing, braces and other orthodontist procedures can be used to correct bite and teeth alignment. The procedures might take longer, cost more and, there’s the braces pain to expect. Some tips I can share with adults considering braces include the following.

Go for an orthodontist. Many adults will usually go for their family dentist if they want braces. While the dentist might be more affordable, an orthodontist is more experienced. In most cases, a dentist will refer you to an orthodontist. The reason why an orthodontist is the expert to approach is that they know more about both teeth and bones. The dentist specializes more on teeth.

Luckily for me, my dental insurance cover had an orthodontist clause which meant I didn’t have to pay for my braces. It cost $7000. This can be quite hefty especially if you don’t have any dental coverage. Before going for braces, you’ll have to figure out how you will cover the costs of the treatment. On average, adult braces treatment costs about $5000.

Before I settled on my orthodontist, I had to visit three professionals. Consultations helped me learn more about the braces options available for adults. In addition, I got to know more about the costs and timeframes for adult treatment. The interesting thing is that all consultations were absolutely free. Since you aren’t obliged to get braces treatment from a specific orthodontist, it’s advisable to shop around first. This way, you can get the best deals available.

As I share my tips, I’m 13 months into my braces treatment. My orthodontist predicts that I’ll have to remain in my braces for another 11 months. At least I got invisalign braces which aren’t so conspicuous. As an adult expect to remain in braces for at least 12 months. You can have them on for over 3 years.

Initially, it was hard adjusting to my braces. It was hard to eat, brush or floss my teeth. I couldn’t figure out the need for brushing my teeth after every meal. However, brushing ensured that I get rid of any food stuck between the brackets. Today, the braces have become part of my life. My advice to you is to be prepared to make several adjustments including avoiding certain foods especially if you have metal braces, flossing and brushing regularly and be ready to bear a little pain after the braces treatment.