The Hand Me Down Teacup Pomeranian

Posted by admin on June 8, 2014

I have gotten my hands again on another dog, still a little one like my Pomeranian and also as cute, or dare I say much cuter than Ditto. My friends always consider me as the drop off point of several already unwanted dogs probably because I have a huge backyard, which is bounded in two sides by a forest and a large wheat field, making it much larger than it really is. They also seem to have noticed my love for animals, especially dogs, little dogs in particular as my wife drew the line with regards to bigger breeds of dogs, which she says are very scary to have and also is very hard to maintain what with their large appetite and their large poop.


Anyway, this tiny little dog, which I have been told was a Teacup Pomeranian, was given to me by my friends who were leaving state to pursue their dreams in the big city. They reasoned that dogs were prohibited on the apartment where they will be living in, even the small ones like it, and they also would eventually have no time for the dog as they will both be working daily. I said I would not mind taking it, and with much grief, as they said that they have already grown to love him, they gave me Bruno. Which almost made me laugh upon hearing the dog’s name, as the name was very much inappropriate for this kind of dog. Imagine a dog that could fit inside a coffee mug, head and all, being called Bruno?

I was excited about the new dog and my wife would not believe how tiny it is, I bet she will surely love Bruno. Teacup Pomeranians are known for their very adorable size, which as I said earlier, was not larger than your average coffee mug, and with their very fluffy coat and sparklingly teeny round eyes, surely anybody would want to have a chance to own one of these pretty little things. In fact these kinds of dogs are very hard to come by, and it also cost so much that the smaller they get, the higher the price they would eventually fetch in the market.

Teacup Pomeranians are about six to eight inches long and weighs in the general vicinity of about three to five pounds when mature. Its characteristic hair, which was once described as like fireworks that exploded out of the dog’s body, is often colored white, black and also the combinations of the two. They are described to be a very possessive and loyal breed of dog, that they always have a tendency yap continuously when their owners are not around.

I only wish that Ditto and Bruno can live along together, as I very well know that my wife is going to keep this new one. I also hope that the kids would be very careful around the house as they might accidentally step on Bruno, which I think will also be the end of him, being as little as he is. Anyways, well eventually see what’s up in a couple of days.