Scared of Unexplained Bruising

Posted by admin on April 22, 2014

Getting bruises out of nowhere is a particularly scary thing to experience. It makes you wonder on how it got there in the first place, and making you review everything that you did, the places you went to, and probably all that transpired between the times you are okay and the time that you first see the bruise.

Back in the time when I was still racing, bumps and bruises were all too common, and I did not pay any particular attention to them as they were really part of the job. You get black and blue doing all sorts of things, from falling off your bike to scraping yourself on every metal tool imaginable, it was all just okay and you did not fear for your life in any way. But now that I am living a quiet kind of life, very far from the death-defying days of old, simple things like this unexplained bruising on my forearm really makes you crazy, thinking about it and stuff.

Yes I did my homework yesterday and researched about this bruising thing, and all that I found out was that its causes were mostly not good, some of them even deadly, which naturally freaked me out a bit, as I am too young for these kinds of things. I kind of felt a little helpless reading those information on the internet, and it made my day gloomy to say the least.

The site I went to initially said that the cause of bruising was generally the leakage of blood from small capillaries under the skin, either from direct trauma or other underlying causes. Then I clicked on the “other underlying causes” tab and was scared for my life. The items listed on it was a typical who’s who of the illness world, things like septicemia, hemophilia, meningococcemia, necrotizing fasciitis, celiac disease, lupus and leukemia, headlined the list, followed by still many kinds of diseases that neither I am not familiar to, nor want to have ever.

My dear supportive wife noticed my anxiety and asked me of what was going on. I eventually hesitated at first as I don’t want to add to her myriad of problems, but relented afterwards as she has a rather peculiar way of knowing how things were. Besides, she is a nurse by vocation, and was also the one who helped me with my big accident a couple of years back, so hopefully she could help me with this one too, I said to myself.

So I told her everything that was going on in my mind and she just laughed at it. She also said that I was just making things up to somehow release me from doing the serious task of washing the dishes, or it’s just probably something else altogether. She told me that she will just accompany me to the doctor tomorrow and have the bruise seen, probably treated right away, and also see what’s up with it. Such comforting words coming from her, said no one ever. But she is always like that, and maybe that’s just her way of making me feel that everything is going to be alright. I just hope she’s right.