Remembering My Accident

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The only remaining thing of the motorcycle accident, that sent me to retirement quite a few years ago happen to be on, of all places, my hips. Although it’s very painful when it acts up, I am still thankful that I came away with my life from that accident and I will always remember that day for the rest of my life

It was during a high speed bank on a corner of the last lap when tragedy struck. I was leaning with my bike on a left hand turn, past the chicane on full throttle, when I unintentionally rolled over an oil slick left by the bike in front. My bike skidded a little and when I tried to regain a little control of it, it kind of stalled and flipped, sending me airborne for about four seconds, which also seemed like an eternity, cartwheeled one time then finally hit myself on the retaining wall full speed on my left side.

Your life really flashes in front of you during these near death times, followed by total darkness or a blackout the time you managed to stop. I woke up confused, surrounded by people checking everything possible on my body. My helmet was already off so I thought they already removed it, which they later said flew off during my tumble. I got nasty scrapes all over my body, a broken arm, several broken ribs, a severe concussion and a torn labrum hip to round it off. I spent the next five weeks in the hospital recuperating from my injuries, and the next year and a half at home, trying to regain semblance of what my body used to be.

It is especially hard when the weather is cold as it seems to greatly affect once broken bones and tendons. Sometimes even simple walking tends to bring on the pain once you misplace a step, or you happen to trip. The doctors said that my accident caused a total tear of the labrum in my hip, and that they had to operate on it because it’s beginning to scrape against the hip socket. The labrum is a piece of ring-shaped cartilage that is located on the outer socket of the hip joint. Its main function is to prevent the escape of synovial fluid from the joint and to also make sure that the two intersecting bones stay at their respective places during movement. Mine was sewn back into place after several conservative forms of treatment failed, but that was so many years ago.

I am planning to consult a doctor, probably an orthopedic one, to recheck the site, as the pain would not have supposed to linger up until this time. In fact I think it is getting worse, that sometimes it’s not just hip flexor pain that I am feeling but the whole leg seems to be in pain. Maybe some nerves are getting pinched by something in there, I don’t really know, but it surely brings back memories of that fateful day.

Fun at the Beach with the Family

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It’s a ninety minute drive from downtown Portland, but boy was it worth it! I am talking about the fresh and cool, although salty, kind of winds that only big oceans can bring. Yep, we have been to the beach recently and we sure did have a blast with it. Just imagine waking up early to prepare things, then driving for ninety minutes in hot and humid weather, exhausting yourself doing all sorts of things on the beach then driving all the way back home, would you ever do that sort of thing again? Yep, without skipping a beat I will.

My wife said she was with three children while on the beach, and she was right about it. I went totally nuts when the water hit me, not because it is very cold and stuff, but it sort of brought out the innermost hidden child in me. In fact I even raced the kids to the water and I won hands down, not counting the somersault I did with the last two steps, okay I tripped, but I did managed to win eventually, maybe because the kids were laughing themselves silly at my tumble.

There were only a few people when we went there, probably because it’s a weekday and they are either at work or whatever it is they are doing. There is the group of old ladies in particularly bright swimming suits gallivanting around the shore, several people jogging, a sort of party going on among teenagers, several people sunbathing their backs off, the lifeguards of course, but what caught my eye was the middle-aged man with the Bichon Poodle. The man was probably surfing the small waves by the look of his attire and his big board that had animal designs on it. I didn’t expect what came next.

The dog surfed all by his lonesome to the shore, without any aid from his owner and you can clearly see that he was having fun too, the way his tail kept wagging the entire trip. Now that was cool, I can’t even stand straight on a surfboard myself and then this dog makes it look so easy. But he looked very funny after he got wet, and all his cuteness vanished when his coat stuck to his body like glue, which eventually made him look like a white hyena of sorts.

These poodle mixes are intelligent kinds of dogs that respond very well to training, in fact, they comprise the majority of trick dogs in dog shows all over the country. They are a small breed of dog that usually weighs around ten to fifteen pounds when mature and also have a life expectancy of about twelve years, more with better care. Their most recognizable traits are their curly and typically wavy hair which, thanks to the poodle side of the breed, does not shed. They are always fun to be around with and are also good with children with their eager to please ways.

Anyways, there is still a lot to tell about what we did at the beach that day. I promise to be back with all of it once this sunburn heals itself, as it is very hard writing with it. But the sure thing about it is that we had tons of fun that day, in fact we are already planning for a return trip once there is open time for it again. I so very much like to go there again.

Breastfeeding is Always Highly Recommended

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Breast feeding is very important to the first two years of a baby’s life. Although there are milk formulas, powdered milk or other substitutes for it, nothing can beat the nutrients of the milk that came from the mother. Breast milk contains many essential elements needed during the baby’s developing years, foremost of which are the immunities that are passed from the mother to the baby which are responsible for strengthening the baby’s resistance to all forms of infections, diseases and even allergies.

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the child, but it is good for the mothers too. Breastfeeding helps the mother shed off unwanted weight gained during pregnancy and also delays the onset of menstruation, thereby also helping with birth control and such. It is also responsible for the decreasing of the risk of osteoporosis for the mother later in life and also lowers the chance of several forms of cancers from happening.

Although breastfeeding is a simple exercise that even new mothers can perform effectively the first time, it still has several needed guidelines for it to be truly successful. One of which are the certain kind of foods to avoid while breastfeeding, that one must come to know, in order to avoid problems from appearing later. Typical common food items such as coffee, cheese and dairy products, alcohol, spicy foods, garlic and other food items, have varying effects on the quality of the milk that is being delivered to the baby.

If for example there is an excess in the consumption of coffee or other caffeinated drinks while breastfeeding, minute traces of caffeine usually finds itself on the milk that is being fed to the infant, thereby leading to the baby’s cranky disposition and have also been found to cause sleeplessness within the baby.

Then there is the problem of how to stop breastfeeding. Several articles about it on the net suggests of giving it a full month to run its course, not stopping abruptly but gradually decreasing its frequency from time to time until it is fully stopped. It was also recommended to swap bottle feeding with breastfeeding on some occasions during the day, in order to familiarize the baby to its eventual destination after breastfeeding. It is also important to fully understand your baby’s needs during the weaning process as it is a very difficult time for them.

With regards to the mother, constant pumping to relieve breast fullness after breastfeeding cessation is usually not recommended, as it may again stimulate milk production. Application of warm compress and the use of form fitting bras are advised instead. If pain does get unbearable, the use of acetaminophens or other analgesic drugs will suffice.

So you might be wondering about why I know these things? Well I researched about it way back and deemed it logical to share to others who may also benefit from doing it. I got two babies worth of experience with it and I do not regret in any way prodding my wife to do it. Our babies have grown up so much since, and barely do they encounter problems with their bodies or anything. I credit all that to breastfeeding.

A Sick Friend

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It is very rarely that I go to hospitals. It’s probably because of my experience being in one, or more specifically being a patient in one that makes me have goose bumps, if ever I go even just near it. In fact my fear of hospitals translated into the general fear on anything medical, even dentists and other clinics for that matter. But that was the case I found myself in last week, when I tried to visit my long-time friend who is also a motorcycle racer. I am not telling you his particular name as it might impinge on his privacy or something, but the matter is a very serious one, that telling you his name will really be a bad idea because of the implications that surrounds it.

You see we had been friends for quite a long time, probably longer than a decade, that we even treated each other as kind of brothers of sorts and we have been through a lot. He was a co-racer when I had that big accident that made me eventually quit riding, and he was also there to see me out of the hospital when I did manage to heal up fully, yes he was also always there in between those times always checking up on me if I was alright and if I needed anything. He was truly like the big brother that I never had, and we were that close.

I have talked to him on the phone and we even chatted online during the times when he was just a little bit sick, but now, due to the gravity of his worsening condition, his mother called me up to come visit and to somehow also cheer him up during these difficult times. His mom said that she hoped that I would not be too late to come as time really is of the essence. So in spite of my dreadful fear of hospitals notwithstanding, I visited my best friend.

My friend has HIV and he is currently battling a pneumonia which, according to his doctors, is already resistant to the antibiotics that are needed to cure it. He is already so emaciated that you would not recognize him the first time you see him, and he is under some kind of plastic bubble which, also according to his doctors, was in place as part of the neutropenic precautions placed on him, mainly because his immune system is already non-existent due to the ravages of the virus he has been carrying. I had to wear a mask to talk to him and physical contact was strictly prohibited.

I waited for him to become lucid before talking to him, as he particularly seemed to drift in and out of consciousness. I tried for close to three hours talking to him without response, but still I kept on talking, just thinking that he may really be hearing me, but can’t particularly reply in any way. I tried to be brave for him, even tried joking and stuff, but one can’t really seem to brush the gravity of the situation that he is in.

Visiting hours are up and I must eventually go, as the doctors say my friend really needs to rest and stuff. I just whispered something to my friend and bid him farewell. Miracles sometimes do happen and I only hope that he would eventually get well soon enough. Here’s wishing that this will not be our last meeting together brother.

An Almost Mainstream Sport

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I never had any kind of tattoo in my life, nor do I want any to be put on me any time soon. I do not really know why, but I have a kind of aversion to them. I know bikers are typically synonymous with tattoos and the likes, but I’m not a biker per se. I love motorcycles, as they have been a passion of mine since I was very young. In fact, even my father loves them, and we come from a long line of motorcycle aficionados, but that does not necessarily mean that we are bikers right?


I am a professional motorcycle driver that is all I know and a retired one at that mind you. Some people, after they have been told about what job I had in the past, immediately think of stereotypical motorcycle riders who are tough, mean, crazy, have a penchant of being drunk all the time, intimidatingly tough and lastly, have many tattoos. Well, I am a little bit crazy sometimes, but I don’t have any mean bone in my body, I don’t drink much and I really don’t have any ink on me, be it chest tattoos for men, sleeve tattoos, teardrop, or any kind of tattoo, name it and I am very sure I don’t have it.

Professional motorcycle races are not a particularly popular kind of sport like basketball or football here in our country, I don’t even think it is popular in other countries and most people are not even aware of it. Maybe that is the reason why, when somebody says that your line of work or hobby is related to motorcycles, they immediately think of bikers like the Hell’s Angels, Mongols, Outlaws, or some other biker gangs. Well that’s kind of hard for these well-meaning, motorcycle loving folks, to always associate them with the seeming dark side of motoring.

I do not have any problems with tattoos or even biker gangs, but it’s just that stereotypes tend to ruin something or someone who generally just means well. I also have many friends with tattoos on their body and we are just fine. Even my sister in law has a very intricate type of side tattoos for girls on her that if you happen to have the chance to see it, you wouldn’t believe it is a tattoo.

It’s a good thing the ESPN Network’s X-Games are there to at least bring out into the open, some sports that are, well, not very popular, and tries very hard to make them look cool somehow. Motocross races, Trick Jumping, Slalom Courses, once only seen by avid enthusiasts, can now be seen by everybody on national television thanks to it. Hopefully it’s going to bring mass recognition to the sport that I always loved. Who knows, if it manages to eventually get big enough and popular as a sport, I might change my mind and jump into it again, broken bones and all. That’s how much I love it.

Golden Anniversary

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We are going to my parent’s house next week for a visit of sorts and also to help them celebrate their 5oth wedding anniversary. All of my brothers and sisters will be there so you can basically call it a reunion for all intents and purposes. It really has been a while since we all got together in one place and I am really looking forward to seeing them all.

The kids have grown up quite a bit already and I am also not getting any younger, so it is really a very good idea for them to know everyone in the family. Maybe brush up on things with their cousins who they only talk to online and not in person. And maybe get to meet the other ones who only recently have joined the family.

I bet it would be one crazy albeit very happy affair with my other siblings. I kind of miss them a lot and I think about them every now and then, so it is really a fortuitous event that we have a chance to get to meet each other again on the house that started it all. I only hope I get my room as it is spacious enough for the four of us, but knowing my brothers, I might be lucky enough to get the basement.

So preparations have been set for the date and I added about four extra days after it, as we intend to spend several days there. Good thing we will be going there on an extended weekend national holiday so we will not be missing a lot in both work and school.

Items to bring are always a contentious part of every one of my family’s recent trips and vacations that I kind of stay away during the planning stages. If my kids were to be put in charge of the packing, then almost everything in the house will go with us on our trips. I let my wife do the traffic between the two of them and it has worked so far.

Good thing too that we got the best lightweight luggage available to somehow help with the load. They are spacious enough inside that we can pack our clothes and several other important items inside of it, and thankfully several of them can fit on our family car.

Me? I am just making sure to bring with me my camera and the best travel tripod in my arsenal, as we wanted to document the whole trip on film for posterity. It is not every day that you get to meet everyone in the family and it is only prudent that you record as much of it as you can.

I am also thinking of what present we will give to mom and pops on their special day. It is very hard to think of a gift to give to someone who already has it all. I don’t know. Will our presence be good enough of a gift? Well, good thing I have the whole week to think about it.

Always Watch What You Eat

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We got quiet the scare this afternoon when my sister, who was visiting us to deliver their wedding invitations, and who was also on the last term of her pregnancy, suddenly winced with pain. She tried to get up but really could not, and when we tried to ask her of what was wrong, she could not utter a single word. She only communicated through beads of sweat trickling down her forehead and that got us really worried.

After a while her complexion cleared a little and she was able to stand up on her own, she fixed herself a little and then immediately went to the bathroom. A short time later she did emerge from it, smiling from ear to ear, and oblivious to the worries that we sent her way a short time ago. What happened to you just now, said my wife who has since started calling for an ambulance just in case the situation got worse. She grinned and told everyone, that she thinks she has diarrhea or something. Almost everyone smiled and managed a sigh of relief.

Diarrhea is a sickness that you just really can’t predict when you will have it, much unlike, for example toddler constipation; you will know that a child will have it when you see him eating his full but still continue eating. But diarrhea is another thing entirely, specially diarrhea during pregnancy like the one my sister got, because the fragile situation of carrying a baby makes it more of a dangerous event, probably because it involves the life of two persons, one of whom is still unborn and is located in the general vicinity of where diarrhea affects a person.

Although we are generally cautious about the food we eat and the utensils that we use, germs seem to always have a way of entering our body somehow. It’s not really an emergency when you have diarrhea but the discomfort that it brings, makes it one. Imagine yourself in the middle of a crowded place far from any bathroom and diarrhea suddenly strikes, wouldn’t that be classified as a kind of an emergency? For me it is, and it has happened to me before.

If diarrhea is commonly a non-life threatening thing, then why are we placing so much emphasis on its prevention? The answer somewhat lies at several other forms sicknesses that diarrhea may lead to, primary of which is dehydration. The human body is almost entirely made up of water, in fact almost three fourths of it is, and whatever agitates that balance and amount, surely will lead the body to become ill. Dehydration is the killer aspect of diarrhea wherein it depletes the water in our body making it weak and such, so it is a must that we always guard against it.

My sister said that her problem started when she just ate a sandwich which was left standing under the sun, and that’s all that she remembered eating the past few hours, so it may well be it that caused her diarrhea. We just let her drink plenty of fluids, no strong stuff as that may aggravate it, and advised her to be always careful of the things that she puts into her body as her baby’s well-being depends on it. But knowing her, she will still continue with her ways whatever they are. Anyways, we are always here for her whatever happens.