Mindless Musings

Posted by admin on June 16, 2014

Time really seems to have wings nowadays that you literally are aware of it passing swiftly by, and many things are not what they really were used to be, back in the days. Maybe I am just suffering from mid-life crisis that I’m beginning to be aware of such things. I know I am already that old and I particularly do not need anybody’s help to be reminded of it. Or maybe I just have nothing else better to do, and am just sitting here contemplating with my life. An idle mind seems to really be the workshop of the devil, or so they say.

Seeing how big our children seem to be these days makes me remember when they were just little things crawling around the house. Now they are here always stationary in some quiet corner of the house tinkering with their gadgets and anything electronic they can put their hands to. I remember when I was at their age, my life revolved around nature and motorcycles. The rivers were my nature and I can’t seem to have enough of them, while motorcycles where my passion, and dad took care of it for me.

I also remember the time when both I and my wife were wondering if she was really pregnant, probably because at that time she was already two months past her last period. Doctors were not really minded back at that time, gut and instincts about something seem to always rule the day. We just waited and counted for the typical signs of implantation, which would eventually come if she really was pregnant. When she suffered from morning sickness and seemed to be kind of picky with the foods that she would eat, we dismissed it as just coincidences because she was always like that. But when her belly started to bloat and kind of grew every time we checked, we knew it was already it and we were very happy about it.

Today with all things technologically better than their counterparts from yesteryear, one is amazed on the things that are now possible and which also can be done with the slightest of ease. Take for example the implantation calculator, an application wherein you just fill in the questions that are being asked like the time of your last period, your last ovulation and of how particularly long is your menstruation period regularly is, the calculator then will show you the exact day of your implantation. These things remove the guesswork long associated with pregnancy that, although not really needed, actually serves a purpose to which I do not care about really.

I am not particularly fond of most of today’s innovations as it seems to make us less human. We no longer wait patiently for stuff, we no longer interact the tried and tested way which was talking directly to people live and not just on an illuminated screen. We make many friends via some application on the internet yet known none of them very closely. All of these things are just excess fats, not really needed by man to live. I long for the day when everything is as simple as holding the hands of the ones you love.