Posted by admin on January 12, 2015

I can still remember the time when we first bought the best pack n play children’s playpen for our second born as it was an event that anyone would not forget if it did happen to them. Our eldest child, the rambunctious one, got lost at the mall and it took us the whole of an hour to find him.

We really did not find him ourselves but one of the security guards at the mall did. We just found out that he was finally located through the PA system announcing that a lost child wearing this and that clothing had been found. Hearing that message was like music to our ears and thankfully doused our fears of him being kidnapped or other worse fates.

He was found at a music store with a clutch of the best yoga DVD, like these, in hand and not crying or anything to show he was lost. It seems like he did not know what was happening to him and oblivious to the things he was doing. I don’t know what he was planning to do with the CD’s, maybe he was getting it for his mom as my wife has several of those same CD’s in our house.

We immediately proceeded to the customer support department and we finally saw our son sitting in a corner, with a chocolate bar in hand and smiling a big grin. We hugged him as tight as we can and never admonished him one bit for the trouble that he caused. We were just really happy to see him again.

I was very nervous the whole time that he was gone as several unhappy thoughts keep running through my mind. What if somebody took our son and decided to bring him home with them? My son is a very friendly kid and would easily play or talk with someone he did not know. We always tell him not to do such things but his innate curiosity oftentimes gets the better of him.

What if a child predator or other lowlifes had the chance to take him and do evil things with him? If that happened then I think I could not find a reason to forgive myself for my negligence. I can see myself searching for him till the day I die if my son really got lost. I will make it my life’s mission to see him again and I will turn this world upside down just to look for him.

But thankfully we found him immediately and he was none the worse because of it. I hugged him and carried him with me the whole day afterwards and never did let him go. We also treated him to his favorite ice cream and bought whatever he wanted that day, which I’m afraid, was a lot.

That was a very poignant lesson for me to take better care of the ones I hold dear. We got off this one luckily but it could have been much worse if luck was not on our side. I would never make the same mistake twice.