How to Maintain a Balanced Diet

Posted by Robin Albright on February 5, 2014

As a motorcycle racer, I have always known the importance of a balanced diet. When I was racing, I knew that it was pertinent to keep my body in good shape as it can change the whole dynamics of the race. If you are physically unfit, you cannot achieve the level of success equal to somebody who has been careful about what he eats and how he treats his body. Although, I am retired now, the habit of eating a balanced diet has become so ingrained that I still continue to follow the same eating pattern as before. Moreover, I make sure that my children also consume a diet that is rich in nutrients and has low calorie content. By getting them to eat low carb vegetables and fruits, along with meat and dairy product, I am instilling in them a healthy habit that will stay with them for life.

fruits and veggies

When I moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue my racing career, I was not that concerned about my diet and thought it didn’t affect my racing at all. However, my trained changed my mind pretty quickly and made me realize the importance of eating a balanced diet. As it turns out, balancing your diet so that it contains all the nutrients we need to function well is not difficult at all. The first thing you need to know is that a balanced diet means you consume dairy products, vegetables, meat, fruits and water every day. Most people do not give much importance to drinking water, which is their biggest mistake. Staying hydrated is vital if you want your body to function well, especially if you are in a field which involves physical exertion. Drinking juices is also good for you, but make sure you consume natural juices not the processed ones which contain little nutrients and lots of sugar.

All my life, I have eaten three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner ¬– with some healthy snacks in between. If you skip breakfast, you are weakening your immune system and causing many health problems which rear their ugly head later in life. Also, if you stay hungry all day, you are bound to eat more at dinner which causes weight gain. Children are prone to skipping breakfast, so my wife and I make sure that they have a tasty and nutritious breakfast which they find hard to resist.

Whenever you feel hungry during the day, eat fruits or vegetables as snacks and stay away from chips and other junk foods. It is better if you keep a serving of fruits or low carb vegetables with you at work. Proteins are an important part of a balanced diet so make sure that you eat fish, lean meat and nuts, since all these are rich in proteins.

One thing I realized early on was that making the switch to a healthy balanced diet is a slow process and you cannot achieve this in one day. So, start by making small changes to your lifestyles – add a few healthy foods and eliminate junk foods one by one. Very soon, you will be able to ditch all your unhealthy eating habits and maintain a well-balanced and nutritional diet for life.