Golden Anniversary

Posted by admin on March 18, 2015

We are going to my parent’s house next week for a visit of sorts and also to help them celebrate their 5oth wedding anniversary. All of my brothers and sisters will be there so you can basically call it a reunion for all intents and purposes. It really has been a while since we all got together in one place and I am really looking forward to seeing them all.

The kids have grown up quite a bit already and I am also not getting any younger, so it is really a very good idea for them to know everyone in the family. Maybe brush up on things with their cousins who they only talk to online and not in person. And maybe get to meet the other ones who only recently have joined the family.

I bet it would be one crazy albeit very happy affair with my other siblings. I kind of miss them a lot and I think about them every now and then, so it is really a fortuitous event that we have a chance to get to meet each other again on the house that started it all. I only hope I get my room as it is spacious enough for the four of us, but knowing my brothers, I might be lucky enough to get the basement.

So preparations have been set for the date and I added about four extra days after it, as we intend to spend several days there. Good thing we will be going there on an extended weekend national holiday so we will not be missing a lot in both work and school.

Items to bring are always a contentious part of every one of my family’s recent trips and vacations that I kind of stay away during the planning stages. If my kids were to be put in charge of the packing, then almost everything in the house will go with us on our trips. I let my wife do the traffic between the two of them and it has worked so far.

Good thing too that we got the best lightweight luggage available to somehow help with the load. They are spacious enough inside that we can pack our clothes and several other important items inside of it, and thankfully several of them can fit on our family car.

Me? I am just making sure to bring with me my camera and the best travel tripod in my arsenal, as we wanted to document the whole trip on film for posterity. It is not every day that you get to meet everyone in the family and it is only prudent that you record as much of it as you can.

I am also thinking of what present we will give to mom and pops on their special day. It is very hard to think of a gift to give to someone who already has it all. I don’t know. Will our presence be good enough of a gift? Well, good thing I have the whole week to think about it.