Fun at the Beach with the Family

Posted by admin on June 28, 2014

It’s a ninety minute drive from downtown Portland, but boy was it worth it! I am talking about the fresh and cool, although salty, kind of winds that only big oceans can bring. Yep, we have been to the beach recently and we sure did have a blast with it. Just imagine waking up early to prepare things, then driving for ninety minutes in hot and humid weather, exhausting yourself doing all sorts of things on the beach then driving all the way back home, would you ever do that sort of thing again? Yep, without skipping a beat I will.

My wife said she was with three children while on the beach, and she was right about it. I went totally nuts when the water hit me, not because it is very cold and stuff, but it sort of brought out the innermost hidden child in me. In fact I even raced the kids to the water and I won hands down, not counting the somersault I did with the last two steps, okay I tripped, but I did managed to win eventually, maybe because the kids were laughing themselves silly at my tumble.

There were only a few people when we went there, probably because it’s a weekday and they are either at work or whatever it is they are doing. There is the group of old ladies in particularly bright swimming suits gallivanting around the shore, several people jogging, a sort of party going on among teenagers, several people sunbathing their backs off, the lifeguards of course, but what caught my eye was the middle-aged man with the Bichon Poodle. The man was probably surfing the small waves by the look of his attire and his big board that had animal designs on it. I didn’t expect what came next.

The dog surfed all by his lonesome to the shore, without any aid from his owner and you can clearly see that he was having fun too, the way his tail kept wagging the entire trip. Now that was cool, I can’t even stand straight on a surfboard myself and then this dog makes it look so easy. But he looked very funny after he got wet, and all his cuteness vanished when his coat stuck to his body like glue, which eventually made him look like a white hyena of sorts.

These poodle mixes are intelligent kinds of dogs that respond very well to training, in fact, they comprise the majority of trick dogs in dog shows all over the country. They are a small breed of dog that usually weighs around ten to fifteen pounds when mature and also have a life expectancy of about twelve years, more with better care. Their most recognizable traits are their curly and typically wavy hair which, thanks to the poodle side of the breed, does not shed. They are always fun to be around with and are also good with children with their eager to please ways.

Anyways, there is still a lot to tell about what we did at the beach that day. I promise to be back with all of it once this sunburn heals itself, as it is very hard writing with it. But the sure thing about it is that we had tons of fun that day, in fact we are already planning for a return trip once there is open time for it again. I so very much like to go there again.