Finally Remembered a Dream

Posted by admin on May 25, 2014

I have a persistent dream this past week, and it is only yesterday that I got to remember it. You see dreams have a particularly annoying way of being erased from your memory once you wake up and only leaving you with snippets of ideas of what supposed to have really happened during your dream. I always make it a point to try and think of remembering my dream before I sleep, but always I fail at it, fortunately not yesterday.

I was sleeping soundly and in the middle of the same dream I was having for a week, when my wife woke me up to ask something in particular. Yes I did wake up, unimaginable I know, as she was nudging me so hard on a place I will not say where, that I eventually fell from the bed. She was kind of puzzled seeing me smiling as I stood up, and before she had a chance to say anything, I was already hugging her and thanking her for waking me up. You should have seen her face during that time, it’s totally hilarious.

I explained to her about the situation between me and my dream and the difficulty I had on remembering it, thankfully she believed my explanation of it. She said she had already forgotten what she was about to say to me because she thought I have gone crazy and stuff, so instead she asked me about my dream and if I cared telling it to her, and I thankfully obliged.

I dreamt we were on a motorcycle with my wife driving and I was at her back, my two hands clasped tightly around her waist. We were driving through the top of some high mountain peak, with me screaming incessantly for her to stop, as we might fall down the cliff which was looming near us. The scene started again at the bottom of the cliff that I mentioned earlier, still sitting on the motorcycle but now both of us are talking calmly about pregnancy announcement ideas, more of these ideas can be found at I remembered we were talking about greeting cards, and of baby dresses colored both pink and blue, also of pea in the pod, whatever that meant, and also bun in the oven, of all things. The dream jumped again, now we were back at the top of the mountain still riding fast nearing the cliff, me still screaming on the top of my voice, then we fell down the cliff. And that was when I fell out of bed and awoken myself.

My wife just laughed at me and my dream, saying that I should probably go back to sleep now as I am beginning to sound insanely ridiculous. I silently thought of the meaning of the dream I had and decided to ask her if she was pregnant or something. Nobody gets her period while pregnant silly, were the exact same words she answered me.

Now I can’t really sleep as I am at a loss of what that dream really means. They say that dreams are the reflection of a man’s subconscious side, and tell of one’s particular desires and aspirations that are often subdued and hidden, and only manage to come out through his dreams. Maybe I want to go back to motorcycling? Maybe I want another child? Maybe I don’t want my wife to drive? Who knows what it really meant? Do any of you have an idea of what it meant? I would be glad for any inputs regarding it. All I know is that I managed to remember my dream. Now if I could only control it then that would be a treat.