Exercise Anyone?

Posted by admin on April 9, 2014

I have encountered a little trouble with my breathing these past couple of days. You see I have been hitting the weight room again, as my flabs are seemingly planning to take over my entire body of sorts. Being with the kids always is a little bit hard on the waistline, as they have the penchant of always eating things, particularly of the junk food variety. And if you are always with them, tendency is you will eat too. Also these kinds of food packaging today are very intelligently designed and very enticing, making you want to eat them right there on the shelves of the grocery store. So who would stay thin given those things that I have mentioned? That is why I have finally decided to go back into exercise again, to at least counter my getting fat a little bit.

It has been a long time since I had my last exercise, literally decades ago, so it is expected that problems will sometimes occur. Old fat bodies tend to resist exercise the way cats are afraid of water kind of, so I’m really being careful about it and slowly easing myself into these exercise routines.

But old habits tend to be really hard to break, and my thrill seeking nature recently resurfaced itself with a simple set of bench press. Let’s just say I tried to lift more weight than I could ever manage to put back up. It was a good thing that I was with a friend at the gym, and it took him and another fellow to lift up the weights off my chest exactly as my arms are about to give out. But damage had been done, and seeing that I had difficulty breathing, they rushed me to the hospital.

I was diagnosed with having an exercise induced pulmonary edema due to the stresses placed on the lung which was caused by extreme exertion and also by the heavy weight that rested on my chest. I had fluid in lungs, closely like what pneumonia was, and it was really making my breathing hard, so I had to be admitted overnight as to monitor if it would eventually lead to a collapsed lung.

I eventually got home from the hospital the next day to the waiting arms of my worried wife. She just said that I was doing stupid things again and gave me a hug. The succeeding days was worse than the hospital stay that I had to spend time with a kind of smoke machine once a day and ate food that, unable to find a correct word to describe it is more like diet hospital food. She said that the food contains items akin to medicine and are like home remedies for asthma. I had to eat raw onions, chili peppers, salmon, yogurt, and peppermint extract, among other things that she said was good for me and I ate them all.

My wife is a nurse and she is also the one who took care of me when I had that major motorcycle accident years ago, so I trusted her with these sorts of things. I must just follow what I am told and everything would be fine she said, and I always believed her, or suffer the repercussions lol.

So I’m back to where I started and here I am eating Doritos with a vengeance together with my kids. Well, these kinds of bonding times are surely much more enjoyable than time spent in the gym wouldn’t you say. I’ll probably just think about exercise another time and just enjoy the moment.