Different Types of Motorcycle Injuries

Posted by Robin Albright on February 7, 2014

motorcycle crashMotorcycles have been part of my life for decades. Although in love with these machines, I have immense respect for motorbikes. Like with other machines, injuries can result from a simple mistake. Imagine riding a heavyweight motorcycle at over 100mph and suddenly having to apply the brakes. The least you can get away with is some form of injury if you are lucky enough. I’ll go through some of the common motorcycle injuries I’ve come across during my riding career.

Skin tear

This is a common motorcycle injury that can result whether you were riding at high speeds or not. I recall one of my pals getting a deep gash on his upper arm after he fell off his motorcycle. Skin tears aren’t usually serious, and can heal by themselves after a couple of weeks of dressing and treatment.

The severity of the tear depends largely on the impact that results from the motorcycle accident. It also depends on whether you are wearing protective clothing. As for my pal, he was just wearing a t-shirt!


This is another common motorcycle accident. It affects the neck. This injury results from sudden movement of the head in a forward-backward motion. Such motion can come as a result of sudden acceleration of the motorcycle or, sudden impact on a stationary motorcycle. Symptoms include pain in the neck and jaws, eye and ear problems and exhaustion. Whiplash can be mild or severe depending on the severity of the motorcycle accident. It’s always advisable to consult a professional medical practitioner incase of such an injury.


Fractures are a common motorcycle injury associated with severe motorcycle accidents. They usually result if the rider didn’t have sufficient protective gear. Fractures can be mild or severe resulting in broken bones. The common places that suffer fractures after motorcycle accidents include the hands, legs, shoulders, chest cavity and skull. Fractures usually heal after a couple of weeks but proper medical care must be administered to ensure this.

Internal injuries

Motorcycle accidents don’t just result in external injuries, internal injuries are also common. The internal injuries result when impact resulting from the accident is great enough to cause injury to internal organs. Majority of these injuries aren’t immediately identifiable but an xray scan can confirm this. The common areas that suffer from internal injuries after accidents include the chest, head and abdominal areas.

Head and spinal injuries

These are perhaps the most serious type of motorcycle injury. They are usually life threatening or, can lead to paralysis. These injuries usually result from lack of having enough protective gear. They are also quite common in high impact motorcycle accidents.

There are many types of motorcycle injuries. I have suffered from a couple of these including whiplash and tears. I have come across a number of motorcyclists that have had more severe injuries. Its always advisable to wear protective gear when riding your bike. This reduces the chances of suffering severe injuries. However, incase of a motorcycle accident no matter how mild, visit a healthcare professional to get your injuries treated.