Breastfeeding is Always Highly Recommended

Posted by admin on July 1, 2014

Breast feeding is very important to the first two years of a baby’s life. Although there are milk formulas, powdered milk or other substitutes for it, nothing can beat the nutrients of the milk that came from the mother. Breast milk contains many essential elements needed during the baby’s developing years, foremost of which are the immunities that are passed from the mother to the baby which are responsible for strengthening the baby’s resistance to all forms of infections, diseases and even allergies.

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the child, but it is good for the mothers too. Breastfeeding helps the mother shed off unwanted weight gained during pregnancy and also delays the onset of menstruation, thereby also helping with birth control and such. It is also responsible for the decreasing of the risk of osteoporosis for the mother later in life and also lowers the chance of several forms of cancers from happening.

Although breastfeeding is a simple exercise that even new mothers can perform effectively the first time, it still has several needed guidelines for it to be truly successful. One of which are the certain kind of foods to avoid while breastfeeding, that one must come to know, in order to avoid problems from appearing later. Typical common food items such as coffee, cheese and dairy products, alcohol, spicy foods, garlic and other food items, have varying effects on the quality of the milk that is being delivered to the baby.

If for example there is an excess in the consumption of coffee or other caffeinated drinks while breastfeeding, minute traces of caffeine usually finds itself on the milk that is being fed to the infant, thereby leading to the baby’s cranky disposition and have also been found to cause sleeplessness within the baby.

Then there is the problem of how to stop breastfeeding. Several articles about it on the net suggests of giving it a full month to run its course, not stopping abruptly but gradually decreasing its frequency from time to time until it is fully stopped. It was also recommended to swap bottle feeding with breastfeeding on some occasions during the day, in order to familiarize the baby to its eventual destination after breastfeeding. It is also important to fully understand your baby’s needs during the weaning process as it is a very difficult time for them.

With regards to the mother, constant pumping to relieve breast fullness after breastfeeding cessation is usually not recommended, as it may again stimulate milk production. Application of warm compress and the use of form fitting bras are advised instead. If pain does get unbearable, the use of acetaminophens or other analgesic drugs will suffice.

So you might be wondering about why I know these things? Well I researched about it way back and deemed it logical to share to others who may also benefit from doing it. I got two babies worth of experience with it and I do not regret in any way prodding my wife to do it. Our babies have grown up so much since, and barely do they encounter problems with their bodies or anything. I credit all that to breastfeeding.