Always Watch What You Eat

Posted by admin on May 9, 2015

We got quiet the scare this afternoon when my sister, who was visiting us to deliver their wedding invitations, and who was also on the last term of her pregnancy, suddenly winced with pain. She tried to get up but really could not, and when we tried to ask her of what was wrong, she could not utter a single word. She only communicated through beads of sweat trickling down her forehead and that got us really worried.

After a while her complexion cleared a little and she was able to stand up on her own, she fixed herself a little and then immediately went to the bathroom. A short time later she did emerge from it, smiling from ear to ear, and oblivious to the worries that we sent her way a short time ago. What happened to you just now, said my wife who has since started calling for an ambulance just in case the situation got worse. She grinned and told everyone, that she thinks she has diarrhea or something. Almost everyone smiled and managed a sigh of relief.

Diarrhea is a sickness that you just really can’t predict when you will have it, much unlike, for example toddler constipation; you will know that a child will have it when you see him eating his full but still continue eating. But diarrhea is another thing entirely, specially diarrhea during pregnancy like the one my sister got, because the fragile situation of carrying a baby makes it more of a dangerous event, probably because it involves the life of two persons, one of whom is still unborn and is located in the general vicinity of where diarrhea affects a person.

Although we are generally cautious about the food we eat and the utensils that we use, germs seem to always have a way of entering our body somehow. It’s not really an emergency when you have diarrhea but the discomfort that it brings, makes it one. Imagine yourself in the middle of a crowded place far from any bathroom and diarrhea suddenly strikes, wouldn’t that be classified as a kind of an emergency? For me it is, and it has happened to me before.

If diarrhea is commonly a non-life threatening thing, then why are we placing so much emphasis on its prevention? The answer somewhat lies at several other forms sicknesses that diarrhea may lead to, primary of which is dehydration. The human body is almost entirely made up of water, in fact almost three fourths of it is, and whatever agitates that balance and amount, surely will lead the body to become ill. Dehydration is the killer aspect of diarrhea wherein it depletes the water in our body making it weak and such, so it is a must that we always guard against it.

My sister said that her problem started when she just ate a sandwich which was left standing under the sun, and that’s all that she remembered eating the past few hours, so it may well be it that caused her diarrhea. We just let her drink plenty of fluids, no strong stuff as that may aggravate it, and advised her to be always careful of the things that she puts into her body as her baby’s well-being depends on it. But knowing her, she will still continue with her ways whatever they are. Anyways, we are always here for her whatever happens.