History of Motorcycle Racing

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A Brief Look Into the History of Motorcycle Racing


Today, bikers tend to participate in rallies rather than motorcycle racing events. The first races were held at a time when the 20th century was only a few years old. One of the first motorcycles produced was the Hendee Manufacturing Company’s Indian. The Indian went into production in 1901. Harley-Davidson followed in 1903. Given the fact that there now were competing manufacturers, and given the fact that Americans were beginning to develop a taste for speeds that horses couldn’t match, the sport of racing motorcycles was bound to follow.

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Choosing a Motorcycle for Kids

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Choosing a Motorcycle for Kids


Whether you’re a parent who is considering giving in to your child’s pleas for a motorcycle or a relative looking to dote on a grandchild, niece, or nephew, choosing a motorcycle for kids is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The leap between riding a regular two-wheeled bike and riding a motorcycle is a large one and it’s important to ensure that all of the major considerations in choosing a motorcycle for kids have been examined. This article will touch on some of the most important aspects of selecting an appropriate motorcycle for a child.


Consider the Child’s Skills and Maturity


First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a bike doesn’t necessarily make a good rider. Just like a standard bicycle, a motorcycle requires a certain amount of skill in regards to balance and a healthy, practical sense of inertia and coordinated movement. The ability to pedal, steer, lean, and brake, many of which are done at the same time, are learned traits that a child should definitely have mastered on a regular bicycle before jumping onto a motorcycle. It’s also important to consider the child’s maturity level. Granted, there are some five year olds that can ride a dirt bike like they were born doing it, but this really isn’t the standard skill level for most kids in that age range. One must ensure that the child has the capability to understand that a motorcycle is a machine that must be used properly, otherwise someone could get seriously injured. The child should be willing and able to follow his parents’ (or trainer’s) instructions dutifully and exactly. It’s great for a child to have fun while riding, but it’s important that he or she first pays attention to the instructions that will make him or her a safe motorcyclist.


motorcycleResearch Safety Ratings


As a parent (or the person buying a motorcycle for kids), you should begin by doing some research on popular youth motorcycles. Create a list of some of the top contenders on the market that also fall within your budget. Once you have a decent list to work from you can begin doing some digging on each bike’s safety rating and general engineering/production quality. It may sound like tedious work, but it’s best to know as much as you can about a motorcycle before handing it over to your kid. You wouldn’t want to purchase a motorcycle only to find out, too late, that it has had several major recalls for faulty components and/or safety issues! Conducting an internet search on any models that you are taking under consideration is a great place to start. Motorcycle USA has a section dedicated to motorcycle recall descriptions listed by make and model.


Consider Bike Size


When it comes to buying a motorcycle for kids, it can be really difficult to ignore the parental/thrifty voice in your head urging you to go with a motorcycle that might be a little bigger so that the child will be able to get the most use out of it. In truth, this can be really dangerous. When buying for kids, one has to realize that the motorcycle’s size needs to be suitable for the child’s current size if he or she is going to start riding soon. Placing a child on a motorcycle that is too large or too small can be very dangerous because it hinders the child’s control and range of movement. Ideally, the child should be able to sit on the bike with his or her feet touching flat on the ground. If the child has to stretch for his or her toes to reach the ground then the bike is too large. On the other hand, if the child’s knees bend when he or she is flat-footed on the ground then the bike is too small.


Choose the Most Suitable Type of Motorcycle


In addition to safety ratings and the size of the motorcycle, one must also consider the different types of motorcycles. For instance, will the child mostly be riding on pavement, rough terrain, or a mixture of both? Motorcycles are often designed with a certain type of terrain in mind so that the bike can physically handle the rigors to which it will most likely be exposed. A street bike, for example, would be less capable of handling the shock and unevenness of off-road terrain whereas an off-roading bike’s capabilities would be virtually wasted if it is strictly driven on the street. All-terrain motorcycles, on the other hand, are a great option for kids who will be exploring a mixture of street and off-road environments.


Gas vs. Electric


You might also have the chance to choose between gas-powered versus electrical motorcycles. There are perks and downsides to both options so you’ll have to weigh them based on the needs of the child that will be using the bike. Consider that gas-powered motorcycles are more powerful than the electric variety, but does your child really need access to higher speed capability? If the child will be doing off-roading then a gas-powered motorcycle would be the best option simply because of the horsepower that these types of engines can offer. If the child will strictly be riding the bike on street terrain and you like the idea of him or her being able to easily recharge the bike’s battery, then an electric motorcycle may be the best option in this case.


The process of choosing a motorcycle for kids shouldn’t be rushed. Be sure to take your time and do enough research to bring yourself down to a few really good choices. It’s also a good idea to take the child with you when you go to make the purchase so that he or she can sit on the bike and get a feel for the size and shape of the motorcycle. If purchasing second-hand, make sure to have the motorcycle inspected by a qualified mechanic before committing to the purchase.


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I can still remember the time when we first bought the best pack n play children’s playpen for our second born as it was an event that anyone would not forget if it did happen to them. Our eldest child, the rambunctious one, got lost at the mall and it took us the whole of an hour to find him.

We really did not find him ourselves but one of the security guards at the mall did. We just found out that he was finally located through the PA system announcing that a lost child wearing this and that clothing had been found. Hearing that message was like music to our ears and thankfully doused our fears of him being kidnapped or other worse fates.

He was found at a music store with a clutch of the best yoga DVD, like these, in hand and not crying or anything to show he was lost. It seems like he did not know what was happening to him and oblivious to the things he was doing. I don’t know what he was planning to do with the CD’s, maybe he was getting it for his mom as my wife has several of those same CD’s in our house.

We immediately proceeded to the customer support department and we finally saw our son sitting in a corner, with a chocolate bar in hand and smiling a big grin. We hugged him as tight as we can and never admonished him one bit for the trouble that he caused. We were just really happy to see him again.

I was very nervous the whole time that he was gone as several unhappy thoughts keep running through my mind. What if somebody took our son and decided to bring him home with them? My son is a very friendly kid and would easily play or talk with someone he did not know. We always tell him not to do such things but his innate curiosity oftentimes gets the better of him.

What if a child predator or other lowlifes had the chance to take him and do evil things with him? If that happened then I think I could not find a reason to forgive myself for my negligence. I can see myself searching for him till the day I die if my son really got lost. I will make it my life’s mission to see him again and I will turn this world upside down just to look for him.

But thankfully we found him immediately and he was none the worse because of it. I hugged him and carried him with me the whole day afterwards and never did let him go. We also treated him to his favorite ice cream and bought whatever he wanted that day, which I’m afraid, was a lot.

That was a very poignant lesson for me to take better care of the ones I hold dear. We got off this one luckily but it could have been much worse if luck was not on our side. I would never make the same mistake twice.

How to Maintain a Balanced Diet

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As a motorcycle racer, I have always known the importance of a balanced diet. When I was racing, I knew that it was pertinent to keep my body in good shape as it can change the whole dynamics of the race. If you are physically unfit, you cannot achieve the level of success equal to somebody who has been careful about what he eats and how he treats his body. Although, I am retired now, the habit of eating a balanced diet has become so ingrained that I still continue to follow the same eating pattern as before. Moreover, I make sure that my children also consume a diet that is rich in nutrients and has low calorie content. By getting them to eat low carb vegetables and fruits, along with meat and dairy product, I am instilling in them a healthy habit that will stay with them for life.

fruits and veggies

When I moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue my racing career, I was not that concerned about my diet and thought it didn’t affect my racing at all. However, my trained changed my mind pretty quickly and made me realize the importance of eating a balanced diet. As it turns out, balancing your diet so that it contains all the nutrients we need to function well is not difficult at all. The first thing you need to know is that a balanced diet means you consume dairy products, vegetables, meat, fruits and water every day. Most people do not give much importance to drinking water, which is their biggest mistake. Staying hydrated is vital if you want your body to function well, especially if you are in a field which involves physical exertion. Drinking juices is also good for you, but make sure you consume natural juices not the processed ones which contain little nutrients and lots of sugar.

All my life, I have eaten three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner ¬– with some healthy snacks in between. If you skip breakfast, you are weakening your immune system and causing many health problems which rear their ugly head later in life. Also, if you stay hungry all day, you are bound to eat more at dinner which causes weight gain. Children are prone to skipping breakfast, so my wife and I make sure that they have a tasty and nutritious breakfast which they find hard to resist.

Whenever you feel hungry during the day, eat fruits or vegetables as snacks and stay away from chips and other junk foods. It is better if you keep a serving of fruits or low carb vegetables with you at work. Proteins are an important part of a balanced diet so make sure that you eat fish, lean meat and nuts, since all these are rich in proteins.

One thing I realized early on was that making the switch to a healthy balanced diet is a slow process and you cannot achieve this in one day. So, start by making small changes to your lifestyles – add a few healthy foods and eliminate junk foods one by one. Very soon, you will be able to ditch all your unhealthy eating habits and maintain a well-balanced and nutritional diet for life.

Different Types of Motorcycle Injuries

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motorcycle crashMotorcycles have been part of my life for decades. Although in love with these machines, I have immense respect for motorbikes. Like with other machines, injuries can result from a simple mistake. Imagine riding a heavyweight motorcycle at over 100mph and suddenly having to apply the brakes. The least you can get away with is some form of injury if you are lucky enough. I’ll go through some of the common motorcycle injuries I’ve come across during my riding career.

Skin tear

This is a common motorcycle injury that can result whether you were riding at high speeds or not. I recall one of my pals getting a deep gash on his upper arm after he fell off his motorcycle. Skin tears aren’t usually serious, and can heal by themselves after a couple of weeks of dressing and treatment.

The severity of the tear depends largely on the impact that results from the motorcycle accident. It also depends on whether you are wearing protective clothing. As for my pal, he was just wearing a t-shirt!


This is another common motorcycle accident. It affects the neck. This injury results from sudden movement of the head in a forward-backward motion. Such motion can come as a result of sudden acceleration of the motorcycle or, sudden impact on a stationary motorcycle. Symptoms include pain in the neck and jaws, eye and ear problems and exhaustion. Whiplash can be mild or severe depending on the severity of the motorcycle accident. It’s always advisable to consult a professional medical practitioner incase of such an injury.


Fractures are a common motorcycle injury associated with severe motorcycle accidents. They usually result if the rider didn’t have sufficient protective gear. Fractures can be mild or severe resulting in broken bones. The common places that suffer fractures after motorcycle accidents include the hands, legs, shoulders, chest cavity and skull. Fractures usually heal after a couple of weeks but proper medical care must be administered to ensure this.

Internal injuries

Motorcycle accidents don’t just result in external injuries, internal injuries are also common. The internal injuries result when impact resulting from the accident is great enough to cause injury to internal organs. Majority of these injuries aren’t immediately identifiable but an xray scan can confirm this. The common areas that suffer from internal injuries after accidents include the chest, head and abdominal areas.

Head and spinal injuries

These are perhaps the most serious type of motorcycle injury. They are usually life threatening or, can lead to paralysis. These injuries usually result from lack of having enough protective gear. They are also quite common in high impact motorcycle accidents.

There are many types of motorcycle injuries. I have suffered from a couple of these including whiplash and tears. I have come across a number of motorcyclists that have had more severe injuries. Its always advisable to wear protective gear when riding your bike. This reduces the chances of suffering severe injuries. However, incase of a motorcycle accident no matter how mild, visit a healthcare professional to get your injuries treated.



Tips for Adults Considering Braces

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I once thought that braces were for teens who want the perfect smile and bite. While I was on the frontline ridiculing fellow students at high school for their braces, I didn’t think that I would be a potential candidate for braces in my adult life. A motorcycle accident changed everything. Racing was my thing. All that adrenaline at the racetrack I had transferred to the highway. The accident was so bad I had to undergo surgery and realignment of my teeth. As an adult, I didn’t think that a visit to the orthodontist was necessary but the looks my wife gave when I smiled were enough to send me there.

As an adult who has had braces, I can confidently say that braces are no longer designed for teenagers only. Although adult’s facial bones aren’t growing, braces and other orthodontist procedures can be used to correct bite and teeth alignment. The procedures might take longer, cost more and, there’s the braces pain to expect. Some tips I can share with adults considering braces include the following.

Go for an orthodontist. Many adults will usually go for their family dentist if they want braces. While the dentist might be more affordable, an orthodontist is more experienced. In most cases, a dentist will refer you to an orthodontist. The reason why an orthodontist is the expert to approach is that they know more about both teeth and bones. The dentist specializes more on teeth.

Luckily for me, my dental insurance cover had an orthodontist clause which meant I didn’t have to pay for my braces. It cost $7000. This can be quite hefty especially if you don’t have any dental coverage. Before going for braces, you’ll have to figure out how you will cover the costs of the treatment. On average, adult braces treatment costs about $5000.

Before I settled on my orthodontist, I had to visit three professionals. Consultations helped me learn more about the braces options available for adults. In addition, I got to know more about the costs and timeframes for adult treatment. The interesting thing is that all consultations were absolutely free. Since you aren’t obliged to get braces treatment from a specific orthodontist, it’s advisable to shop around first. This way, you can get the best deals available.

As I share my tips, I’m 13 months into my braces treatment. My orthodontist predicts that I’ll have to remain in my braces for another 11 months. At least I got invisalign braces which aren’t so conspicuous. As an adult expect to remain in braces for at least 12 months. You can have them on for over 3 years.

Initially, it was hard adjusting to my braces. It was hard to eat, brush or floss my teeth. I couldn’t figure out the need for brushing my teeth after every meal. However, brushing ensured that I get rid of any food stuck between the brackets. Today, the braces have become part of my life. My advice to you is to be prepared to make several adjustments including avoiding certain foods especially if you have metal braces, flossing and brushing regularly and be ready to bear a little pain after the braces treatment.

Underlying causes for pain on top of foot

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When you are into something exciting and thrilling like motorcycle racing, you tend to ignore minor cuts and bruises as they become part of your life. Even today, after 15 years of marriage, my wife gets upset whenever I am in a minor racing accident and asks me to see a doctor immediately. I ignore her requests most of the time, just pop a pain killer and forget about it completely. However, I wish I had listened to her when she kept telling me to see the doctor when I had pain on top of my foot, six months ago. It started after I came back from a motorcycle race, but since I had not fallen down or sustained any injury, I thought it was muscular pain and would go away soon enough. Since winter in Portland, Oregon is damp and mild, it is common to experience such aches from time to time. Sadly, I soon realized that something more serious was behind the pain. I started playing basketball with my sons Jeremy and Tim and it was after I scored a few baskets that I realised that the pain was getting worse. Since my sons look up to me, I did not cave in and kept pushing myself to play a little more. By the time we finished and went inside, my foot was positively hurting more than it had before.
stress fractureAfter dinner, I finally gave in and asked my wife to drive me to the hospital emergency. She called her baby sitter and half an hour later we were on our way. When the podiatrist saw my foot, he immediately became concerned as by that time it was red and swollen. He ordered scans and x-rays and went to check on other patients, while we waited for the reports. Soon he came back and told us the bad news. It was a stress fracture and by playing in this condition I had aggravated it. The doctor told me to go on complete bed rest for at least 6 weeks and to use crutches when I had to go to the loo. My foot was in a cast during this time period and I followed the doctor’s orders religiously as I was told my career as a motorcycle racer depended on my recovery. After the excruciatingly dull and boring 6 weeks were over, I went back and the doctor removed the cast. Luckily, my recovery had been perfect but the doctor still told me to take it easy for another 12 weeks and not to go back to racing till he gave me a go ahead.


I now realize that pain on top of foot is not a trivial thing and it can be anything from a stress fracture to a muscle strain. The best course of action is to have it checked out and take the appropriate action. Sometimes, the pain can go away by just changing your footwear. You can only be sure of the cause when you go see a doctor; never try to diagnose yourself.



Living with a husky Pomeranian mix

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If you are planning to buy a dog, I would advise you to get a husky Pomeranian mix. When I got one, my friends were surprised; after all you expected a retired motorcycle racer to get a fierce, scary dog, not a cute little thing like a pomsky – this is what they call a husky Pomeranian mix. You do not see a lot of pomskys in Portland, Oregon as the breed is not very well known yet. When I decided to get a dog, my wife of 15 years gave me an ultimatum: it had to be a small dog. I was hoping to get a fierce looking dog but then I realized that with 2 kids I should probably go for a dog breed that is more docile and friendly than anything else. One day I was looking at dog breeds on the internet and I found the husky Pomeranian mix. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a miniature version of a husky and had more of this breed than the Pomeranian – apart from the size obviously. The looks of the pomsky depend on chance entirely as it can be like a husky or a Pomeranian. I was happy as Larry when I got my Pomsky who I named Ditto. However, let me tell you that the husky Pomeranian mix dog does not come cheap since this breed is very much in demand.


When anyone decides on getting a dog, the important thing is to make sure that they know everything there is to taking care of a dog and the nature of that particular breed of dogs. Luckily for me and my family, a pomsky only looks like a husky but its characteristics are more of that of a Pomeranian. The pomsky puppy is docile and friendly and full of energy at all times. You will have to walk him and play with him as he needs a lot of exercise. The qualities a pomsky gets from a husky include loyalty and dedication. The best thing about a husky Pomeranian mix puppy is that it does not bark much so you won’t have a problem with noise.


Pomskys are very friendly dogs which makes it easier for you to train them. My son and daughter loves playing with Ditto and they have taught him many tricks. I have to admit that I am a lazy bone when it comes to training a dog, but my kids have done a wonderful job so far.


When I made a deal to buy Ditto, he wasn’t even born at that time. I made a bet and it turned out well for me as Ditto looks more husky than Pomeranian – just the way I wanted. When you make the deal for an unborn puppy, you can get one that will have more attributes of one breed than the other, but either way Pomskys are the cutest dogs in my opinion and they are truly a man’s best friend.

Exercise Anyone?

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I have encountered a little trouble with my breathing these past couple of days. You see I have been hitting the weight room again, as my flabs are seemingly planning to take over my entire body of sorts. Being with the kids always is a little bit hard on the waistline, as they have the penchant of always eating things, particularly of the junk food variety. And if you are always with them, tendency is you will eat too. Also these kinds of food packaging today are very intelligently designed and very enticing, making you want to eat them right there on the shelves of the grocery store. So who would stay thin given those things that I have mentioned? That is why I have finally decided to go back into exercise again, to at least counter my getting fat a little bit.

It has been a long time since I had my last exercise, literally decades ago, so it is expected that problems will sometimes occur. Old fat bodies tend to resist exercise the way cats are afraid of water kind of, so I’m really being careful about it and slowly easing myself into these exercise routines.

But old habits tend to be really hard to break, and my thrill seeking nature recently resurfaced itself with a simple set of bench press. Let’s just say I tried to lift more weight than I could ever manage to put back up. It was a good thing that I was with a friend at the gym, and it took him and another fellow to lift up the weights off my chest exactly as my arms are about to give out. But damage had been done, and seeing that I had difficulty breathing, they rushed me to the hospital.

I was diagnosed with having an exercise induced pulmonary edema due to the stresses placed on the lung which was caused by extreme exertion and also by the heavy weight that rested on my chest. I had fluid in lungs, closely like what pneumonia was, and it was really making my breathing hard, so I had to be admitted overnight as to monitor if it would eventually lead to a collapsed lung.

I eventually got home from the hospital the next day to the waiting arms of my worried wife. She just said that I was doing stupid things again and gave me a hug. The succeeding days was worse than the hospital stay that I had to spend time with a kind of smoke machine once a day and ate food that, unable to find a correct word to describe it is more like diet hospital food. She said that the food contains items akin to medicine and are like home remedies for asthma. I had to eat raw onions, chili peppers, salmon, yogurt, and peppermint extract, among other things that she said was good for me and I ate them all.

My wife is a nurse and she is also the one who took care of me when I had that major motorcycle accident years ago, so I trusted her with these sorts of things. I must just follow what I am told and everything would be fine she said, and I always believed her, or suffer the repercussions lol.

So I’m back to where I started and here I am eating Doritos with a vengeance together with my kids. Well, these kinds of bonding times are surely much more enjoyable than time spent in the gym wouldn’t you say. I’ll probably just think about exercise another time and just enjoy the moment.

Scared of Unexplained Bruising

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Getting bruises out of nowhere is a particularly scary thing to experience. It makes you wonder on how it got there in the first place, and making you review everything that you did, the places you went to, and probably all that transpired between the times you are okay and the time that you first see the bruise.

Back in the time when I was still racing, bumps and bruises were all too common, and I did not pay any particular attention to them as they were really part of the job. You get black and blue doing all sorts of things, from falling off your bike to scraping yourself on every metal tool imaginable, it was all just okay and you did not fear for your life in any way. But now that I am living a quiet kind of life, very far from the death-defying days of old, simple things like this unexplained bruising on my forearm really makes you crazy, thinking about it and stuff.

Yes I did my homework yesterday and researched about this bruising thing, and all that I found out was that its causes were mostly not good, some of them even deadly, which naturally freaked me out a bit, as I am too young for these kinds of things. I kind of felt a little helpless reading those information on the internet, and it made my day gloomy to say the least.

The site I went to initially said that the cause of bruising was generally the leakage of blood from small capillaries under the skin, either from direct trauma or other underlying causes. Then I clicked on the “other underlying causes” tab and was scared for my life. The items listed on it was a typical who’s who of the illness world, things like septicemia, hemophilia, meningococcemia, necrotizing fasciitis, celiac disease, lupus and leukemia, headlined the list, followed by still many kinds of diseases that neither I am not familiar to, nor want to have ever.

My dear supportive wife noticed my anxiety and asked me of what was going on. I eventually hesitated at first as I don’t want to add to her myriad of problems, but relented afterwards as she has a rather peculiar way of knowing how things were. Besides, she is a nurse by vocation, and was also the one who helped me with my big accident a couple of years back, so hopefully she could help me with this one too, I said to myself.

So I told her everything that was going on in my mind and she just laughed at it. She also said that I was just making things up to somehow release me from doing the serious task of washing the dishes, or it’s just probably something else altogether. She told me that she will just accompany me to the doctor tomorrow and have the bruise seen, probably treated right away, and also see what’s up with it. Such comforting words coming from her, said no one ever. But she is always like that, and maybe that’s just her way of making me feel that everything is going to be alright. I just hope she’s right.

Anything for their Happiness

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Recently, Jonathan and Abby, my two rambunctious if often adventurous kids, decided to get a not ordinary pet, much to the consternation of their mother who did not agree with them, saying that it was just another whim in a long line of whims that the two are fond of always taking.

They came to me asking for my permission to have hedgehogs as pets, when their mother earlier said no to them. I looked at my wife and she is giving me the evil eye, probably silently saying for me to be very careful on the words that I will be saying next, which made me pause a little bit before answering the children. I eventually just told them that I would have a little talk later with their mom to find out if they would be allowed with their plans. They agreed with it and I readied myself for the gallows which eventually would come later.

After dinner, I consciously helped my wife with the dishes and threw the trash outside without being told, which really was not my normal routine, as I would usually jump straight in front of the television after eating. My wife seemed to notice the extraordinary event unfolding in front of her and just smiled as she watched me finishing the dishes. It’s the hedgehogs right? She asked me. I just responded with a guilty grin which was also immediately wiped out as she said that her answer would still be no, with an added “not on your life” bit.

She then proceeded to explain to me that hedgehogs are not ideal pets, what with their spiky coat that could cause injury if handled incorrectly, and of their nocturnal nature and solitary kind of living which would eventually translate to a pet which neither is social nor fun to interact with. I agreed with her on all points as she seemed to have had her research on it and I also do not know anything about it so I just kept quiet. But after her lengthy speech, I dropped a bomb of my own and proposed to her that I will do the dishes for two months if she just agrees. I only remember the silent room and her big smile and that was eventually it.

I went to where my kids are and saw them already planning for their hedgehog cages. I felt this feeling that they knew that I would do anything for them, and that them asking me for it makes it a sure thing, which kind of also made me happy inside. I silently spied their various drawings of a large cave inside the cage and also the typical exercise wheel which I thought was a little small with regards to the humongous cave that dominated the cage. I also marveled at their seemingly well detailed plan complete with water bottles, feeding pans and also the strange drawing of what seems to be the eventual bedding for the cage.

I then called at them and flashed a big smile. They knew it was a yes and they were very happy about it, to say it mildly. They showed me their sketches for their proposed cage and then they went for their mom to also say thanks, and I was left alone in front of the television wondering about the two wet, grimy months in front of me. Well, it was kind of worth it, I mumbled to myself. What have I gotten myself into?

Finally Remembered a Dream

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I have a persistent dream this past week, and it is only yesterday that I got to remember it. You see dreams have a particularly annoying way of being erased from your memory once you wake up and only leaving you with snippets of ideas of what supposed to have really happened during your dream. I always make it a point to try and think of remembering my dream before I sleep, but always I fail at it, fortunately not yesterday.

I was sleeping soundly and in the middle of the same dream I was having for a week, when my wife woke me up to ask something in particular. Yes I did wake up, unimaginable I know, as she was nudging me so hard on a place I will not say where, that I eventually fell from the bed. She was kind of puzzled seeing me smiling as I stood up, and before she had a chance to say anything, I was already hugging her and thanking her for waking me up. You should have seen her face during that time, it’s totally hilarious.

I explained to her about the situation between me and my dream and the difficulty I had on remembering it, thankfully she believed my explanation of it. She said she had already forgotten what she was about to say to me because she thought I have gone crazy and stuff, so instead she asked me about my dream and if I cared telling it to her, and I thankfully obliged.

I dreamt we were on a motorcycle with my wife driving and I was at her back, my two hands clasped tightly around her waist. We were driving through the top of some high mountain peak, with me screaming incessantly for her to stop, as we might fall down the cliff which was looming near us. The scene started again at the bottom of the cliff that I mentioned earlier, still sitting on the motorcycle but now both of us are talking calmly about pregnancy announcement ideas, more of these ideas can be found at www.betterpregnancies.com. I remembered we were talking about greeting cards, and of baby dresses colored both pink and blue, also of pea in the pod, whatever that meant, and also bun in the oven, of all things. The dream jumped again, now we were back at the top of the mountain still riding fast nearing the cliff, me still screaming on the top of my voice, then we fell down the cliff. And that was when I fell out of bed and awoken myself.

My wife just laughed at me and my dream, saying that I should probably go back to sleep now as I am beginning to sound insanely ridiculous. I silently thought of the meaning of the dream I had and decided to ask her if she was pregnant or something. Nobody gets her period while pregnant silly, were the exact same words she answered me.

Now I can’t really sleep as I am at a loss of what that dream really means. They say that dreams are the reflection of a man’s subconscious side, and tell of one’s particular desires and aspirations that are often subdued and hidden, and only manage to come out through his dreams. Maybe I want to go back to motorcycling? Maybe I want another child? Maybe I don’t want my wife to drive? Who knows what it really meant? Do any of you have an idea of what it meant? I would be glad for any inputs regarding it. All I know is that I managed to remember my dream. Now if I could only control it then that would be a treat.

The Hand Me Down Teacup Pomeranian

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I have gotten my hands again on another dog, still a little one like my Pomeranian and also as cute, or dare I say much cuter than Ditto. My friends always consider me as the drop off point of several already unwanted dogs probably because I have a huge backyard, which is bounded in two sides by a forest and a large wheat field, making it much larger than it really is. They also seem to have noticed my love for animals, especially dogs, little dogs in particular as my wife drew the line with regards to bigger breeds of dogs, which she says are very scary to have and also is very hard to maintain what with their large appetite and their large poop.


Anyway, this tiny little dog, which I have been told was a Teacup Pomeranian, was given to me by my friends who were leaving state to pursue their dreams in the big city. They reasoned that dogs were prohibited on the apartment where they will be living in, even the small ones like it, and they also would eventually have no time for the dog as they will both be working daily. I said I would not mind taking it, and with much grief, as they said that they have already grown to love him, they gave me Bruno. Which almost made me laugh upon hearing the dog’s name, as the name was very much inappropriate for this kind of dog. Imagine a dog that could fit inside a coffee mug, head and all, being called Bruno?

I was excited about the new dog and my wife would not believe how tiny it is, I bet she will surely love Bruno. Teacup Pomeranians are known for their very adorable size, which as I said earlier, was not larger than your average coffee mug, and with their very fluffy coat and sparklingly teeny round eyes, surely anybody would want to have a chance to own one of these pretty little things. In fact these kinds of dogs are very hard to come by, and it also cost so much that the smaller they get, the higher the price they would eventually fetch in the market.

Teacup Pomeranians are about six to eight inches long and weighs in the general vicinity of about three to five pounds when mature. Its characteristic hair, which was once described as like fireworks that exploded out of the dog’s body, is often colored white, black and also the combinations of the two. They are described to be a very possessive and loyal breed of dog, that they always have a tendency yap continuously when their owners are not around.

I only wish that Ditto and Bruno can live along together, as I very well know that my wife is going to keep this new one. I also hope that the kids would be very careful around the house as they might accidentally step on Bruno, which I think will also be the end of him, being as little as he is. Anyways, well eventually see what’s up in a couple of days.

Mindless Musings

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Time really seems to have wings nowadays that you literally are aware of it passing swiftly by, and many things are not what they really were used to be, back in the days. Maybe I am just suffering from mid-life crisis that I’m beginning to be aware of such things. I know I am already that old and I particularly do not need anybody’s help to be reminded of it. Or maybe I just have nothing else better to do, and am just sitting here contemplating with my life. An idle mind seems to really be the workshop of the devil, or so they say.

Seeing how big our children seem to be these days makes me remember when they were just little things crawling around the house. Now they are here always stationary in some quiet corner of the house tinkering with their gadgets and anything electronic they can put their hands to. I remember when I was at their age, my life revolved around nature and motorcycles. The rivers were my nature and I can’t seem to have enough of them, while motorcycles where my passion, and dad took care of it for me.

I also remember the time when both I and my wife were wondering if she was really pregnant, probably because at that time she was already two months past her last period. Doctors were not really minded back at that time, gut and instincts about something seem to always rule the day. We just waited and counted for the typical signs of implantation, which would eventually come if she really was pregnant. When she suffered from morning sickness and seemed to be kind of picky with the foods that she would eat, we dismissed it as just coincidences because she was always like that. But when her belly started to bloat and kind of grew every time we checked, we knew it was already it and we were very happy about it.

Today with all things technologically better than their counterparts from yesteryear, one is amazed on the things that are now possible and which also can be done with the slightest of ease. Take for example the implantation calculator, an application wherein you just fill in the questions that are being asked like the time of your last period, your last ovulation and of how particularly long is your menstruation period regularly is, the calculator then will show you the exact day of your implantation. These things remove the guesswork long associated with pregnancy that, although not really needed, actually serves a purpose to which I do not care about really.

I am not particularly fond of most of today’s innovations as it seems to make us less human. We no longer wait patiently for stuff, we no longer interact the tried and tested way which was talking directly to people live and not just on an illuminated screen. We make many friends via some application on the internet yet known none of them very closely. All of these things are just excess fats, not really needed by man to live. I long for the day when everything is as simple as holding the hands of the ones you love.